Helping you navigate the Social Security system

What I can do for you!

  • Assist individuals filing on line retirement, disability, and Medicare applications in the comfort of my office or over the phone. (No need to go to a Social Security Office.)
  • Provide a pre-retirement analysis of your eligibility for retirement or survivor benefits so you can make an informed decision about when to file.
  • Research Social Security issues for professionals.
  • Conduct Social Security seminars for businesses and their clients.
  • Allow you to conduct your Social Security business in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in my office or long distance on the phone and internet.

Why use my services?

  • On line applications are highly error prone when completed by the general public. My 39 plus years experience greatly reduces these errors and unnecessary recontacts with Social Security.
  • We can complete your on line application in the comfort of my office or over the phone.
  • I understand how to maximize your benefits.
  • The Social Security Administration no longer provides pre-retirement counseling.
  • I provide convenient, knowledgeable services and I am ON YOUR SIDE.

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